Investor Relations

Strategy and Competitive Advantages


Having our institutional motto as our focus, which is that of moving the world with excellence and respect to people, we keep our commitment to healthy growth with return to shareholders.

Our key strategic pillars are:

Long term relationship – We seek relationship with our customers as an essential part of our company and value the time of relationship with all. We are proud of having more than 30 years of relationship with our key customers, and whenever we start a relationship with a new customer, our strategy aims at its maintenance in our portfolio ad aeternum.

New Business – We are always attentive to the market, new segments, and in a constant learning process of new scopes of services, seeking higher comprehensiveness of our relationship and the participation in more sectors of the economy, diversifying the risk of the operation.

Qualified manpower – Our intellectual capital is our most valuable asset. We invest in the personal and professional development of collaborators so that they can offer the best service to our customers, with the highest standard of quality and in accordance with the standards and legislation.

State of the art equipment – We invest massively in cutting edge equipment to deliver the best result to our customers. Without a doubt, the quality of our equipment is a distinguished feature in the market, as we are able to keep a low age of the fleet in our entire range of equipment, contributing with excellence in the provision of the service, without surprises to our customers.

Customized and Innovative Solutions – We are not limited to the solutions proposed based on what is available in the market. Our operations are designed to deliver the best performance to the customer, reducing costs and increasing yield. When something is not possible, the role of our team of engineers is that of developing solutions ranging from new types of implements to creative solutions of logistic arrays. We have several cases of success with our key customers.

Structure of capital and capacity of investments – We are a solid Company and always seek at maintaining this characteristic also in the financial part, so that we may have flexibility, regardless of the moment. We have a policy that minimum cash allows us to maintain a solid cash position, capable of sustaining the operation and our capacity of investments. We made our first entry in the market of capitals in 2019, with the purpose of maintaining an excellent structure of capital with attractive cost.

Business diversification – We were able to keep our operations with a good diversification in the logistic segment, which prevents major impacts in times of crisis. Our operations are divided in the segments of Fleet Management and Outsourcing (GTF), Dedicated Logistics, and Automotive Logistics.

Relationship with suppliers (manufacturers) – Our relationship with suppliers, allied with our capacity of investment, allows us to transact better price and term conditions, thus offering more competitive prices and greater operating margins.

Competitive advantages

Cross Selling

Differentiated contract mobilization capacity, leveraging client relationships through the cross-selling of its service portfolio, working to maximize profitability and efficiently manage contracts. The company is recognized for its operational excellence, based on safety, health, innovation and people management.


VIX Labs, an innovation arm of VIX, was founded in 2017 as a laboratory aiming to develop and apply methodologies for generating ideas and prototyping new products, services and processes, strengthening the innovation culture across the Group.


The company is always keeping an eye on the market in search of opportunities that offer alternative non-organic ways to increase revenue.

Soluções Customizadas

Qualified technical staff with elevated capacity of creating innovative solutions focused on cost reduction and revenue growth.

Used Car Sales

Sale of retired vehicles for fleet renewal, allowing contract costs to be reduced.