Investor Relations

Common questions

Where are the VIX shares negotiated?

R: VIX is listed in the New Market, the highest level of differentiated practices of corporate governance. However, we still do not have shares in negotiation.

How can I contact the IR area of VIX?

R: The relationship with the area of investors relations may occur in two forms: in person or virtually. When in person, the service is provided at the headquarters of VIX, located at the following address:

Avenida Jerônimo Vervloet, 345,
Goiabeiras, Vitoria – ES, CEP 29075-140.

Virtually, the contact may be via e-mail oor by telephone, at (027) 2125-1723.

How and where does VIX disclose its information?

R: Quarterly financial statements, press releases, presentations, relevant factors, and communications to shareholders are available in the area of investors relations of VIX website ( Other information about the Company may also be obtained on the website of the Brazilian Securities Commission (
All relevant facts, announcement of results, market notices, minutes of Special Meeting, General Ordinary Meeting, and other documents are provided simultaneously on the website of the company, as well as on the website of CVM, and then submitted by e-mail to those who registered to receive the communication mailing. To register in the mailing, please click here.

What instruments does VIX negotiate in the market of capitals?

R: Currently VIX negotiates in the market of Debentures 476 and already issued, to this date, five debentures with different maturities and remunerations. Four debentures on behalf of VIX and one debenture on behalf of Let’s (GTF arm of VIX).
For more information on the negotiable instruments issued by VIX, as well as maturity, remuneration, and ticker, access environment Financial Information Area > Debts.

What is the current corporate staff of VIX?

R: Currently the corporate staff of VIX is formed by Group Águia Branca, which has 89.36% of the shares and IFC (International Finance Corporation) wich has 10.64% of the shares.